2014 MEMBERSHIP FORM: Is available here. £20 but save £4 (so £16) for existing members who renew before the end of January

CIRCUIT TRAINING! Every Tuesday evening. 19:15 to 20:15. Elite Physique Gym, 1 Trostrey Place off Caerleon Road. £2 Phoenix members or £3 non-members

SPIN CLASSES! These are held every Friday evening at Newport Velodrome starting at 19:00 for club members and their guests. £4 payable at reception but £2 refundable to club members

TIME TRIALS: The 2014 season kicks off with a reliability ride on Sunday 23rd March and then the first evening time trial will be a 10 on Tuesday 1 April. See Timetrials page for details.


Club members meet regularly for a road ride on alternate Saturdays. The meeting point is Goldcroft Common, Caerleon at 09:30. Distance varies between 40 and 70 miles, always with a cafe stop. Average speed for the ride is typically 14 to 15 mph, but sometimes we split into a faster / slower or longer / shorter distance group. Check the CLUB FACEBOOK GROUP a day or so beforehand to see who is likely to turn out and what is planned. Here is a link

Prospective members are welcome to join us.

On Sunday 23rd March there will be a Reliability Ride starting at Caerleon Common at 09:30. This will be a 50 in 4 (50 miles in 4 hours) with an optional hilly extension. A link to the 50 in 4 route is here, and the extended route here.

Club ride Saturdays during March to May are:

8 March
22 March - no club ride, Reliability Ride on Sunday 23rd
6 April
19 April
3 May