By J.P-J (1961)

I arrived at the Odeon covered in a film of ice, to find only one brave (or dim) rider there. So Les Christopher and myself set out for Urishay Castle. As we approached Caerleon, we made steps to photograph fields, which were covered with a a heavy coating of white frost. We were already frozen stiff and only 3 miles from home; anyway we rode along the frostbitten Bullmooor Road to Usk, frequently stopping to get some circulation back into us.

On arriving at Usk, we toddled into the cafe looking like two snowmen covered in a thick white coating of frost and ice; still we matched the bikes! I could hardly walk due to my frostbitten feet. On awakening that morning at 8:45, and having to get to the Odeon by 9:30, there was a mad rush in my bedroom and consequently I put on my very thin summer socks. Oh boy, did I suffer for that error.

After talking things over regarding the joys of cycling, we eventually made for home through Pontypool, stopping on the way for a bottle of grog which we consumed with our lunch at the side of the road. After some unsuccessful attempts to light a fire, we made our way back to our homes, following the example of the rest of the club members. Before you who read this condemn us as being 'bike-riders' and not cyclists, remember that we did 30 odd miles while you were in front of a fire with a fag!

I must say though that you has some sense!

PS - The original ride plan to Urishay Castle would have been about 80 miles